Chap Wax Waterproofing
Ray Holes

Chap Wax Waterproofing

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Chap Wax has been used for over 50 years by cowboys, loggers and outdoorsmen who must depend on their leather footwear and equipment to repel water in the most adverse of weather conditions. Chap Wax is a blend of waxes including refined bees wax and carnauba wax (imported at great expense from the carnauba tree in Brazil). Carnauba wax is an expensive hard wax that will help protect leather from weather and wear when applied. Chap Wax waterproofs leather by penetrating deep into the leather. As the waxes in Chap Wax cool, they solidify, repelling moisture yet allowing the leather to breathe. Chap Wax lasts longer than grease and can be used repeatedly to waterproof leathers. Chap Wax will not cause leather to get spongy or stretch out of shape.

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