Little Prince Book
Little Prince Book

Little Prince Book and Model Set

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"Little Prince" the story of a Shetland Pony is the tale of a pampered, well-groomed pale-gold Shetland Pony named Phin, short for Dauphin, French for "prince." If Phin seems to lead the perfect life in the penthouse suite of the city's posh riding stables, it's because he does.  And if he seems a bit too self-satisfied - after all, he's won several trophies for his young owner, Isabella, and is widely acknowledged to be the pretties pony in the city - it's because he is.  But when Phin is suddenly 'retired' to a farm in the middle of nowhere that's filled with the most unusual animals, from a wise-cracking three-legged dog to a bunch of mean bunnies, against all odds, he discovers the true meaning of home. 

124 pages 

Recommended Age 4+ Horse and 8+ Book 

Style 6137 

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